professional services

At Tentpole, not only do we plan, design and architect data infrastructures, but we also automate, provide insights and interoperate with applications.  Where it is required, Tentpole will either operate or augment engineering teams with the correct skills to run and mange their environments for short and medium term engagements.  This augmentation or staffing proves is, what tentpole has defined as International Operations. 

our focus

Short and medium term staff augmentation of IT teams of operational teams.

Focus of the skill, either dedicated or rotated for skills pertaining to Automation, Data Management, Dashboarding, Data Management and Data Analytics.

Operational skills which are focused on specific account engagement .

Additional skills which can be accessed include Project / Program managers, Business Analysts and Cloud migration specialist (Azure, AWS) .

who we do this for

Typically, Tentpoles International Operations are well suited for clients which are:

Developing new teams but are not happy with the proposed structure and skills available

Clients who do not want to add additional permanent head count to their business 

Business who have smaller budgets but still require the access to a variety of Business Analyst, DBA, Automation and BI skill sets

Solutions are provided and can be offered against all industries and in all regions.  Remote regions will have services delivered remotely. 


Our solution enables our clients to have access to dedicated resources whose skillets are aligned to their business requirements. This could include automation, data base administrators, analytics specialists or business analysts.

“The work that you and your team do is excellent – making a difference in my life. Thanks”


“If only all my projects and suppliers dealt like Tentpole does – my life would be so much easier”

– Nedbank


Data is our passion

Data is a commodity, however, clean data is the competitive differentiator. This is why we help to improve the strength of our clients data.

Global brands 

Our global client base and partners allows Tentpole to enhance your data with local and international benchmarks. 

Best of breed technologies 

Working with best of breed technologies which aligns to best practice, risk reduction and rapid response.

Driving business outcomes 

Incremental business value ensuring that business accelerates faster in all areas of engagement.