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In 1870, the Ministry of Communications launched a telegraph service between Tokyo City and Yokohama City.

On July 31, 1952, the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation Act was enacted. Based on this Act, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation, which would later become the core company of NTT, was set up on August 1, 1952 to promote widespread use of telephone services in Japan as a state-owned special corporation.

Telephone and communications services were expanded throughout Japan during the country's period of rapid economic growth and, in 1985, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation was privatized. To streamline its structure and expand its business domains, NTT founded a subsidiary for each line of business and established NTT. NTT Group is a leading company in the telecommunications business.

They operate in a wide range of domestic and overseas markets by utilizing the customer base and expertise in communication networks and ICT that we have cultivated over our history.

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