Partner Alliances Journey

A platform that provides you automated tools to drive relationships with your Partner in areas you care about.

How Tentpole Data Sciences provides companies with automated access to the partner information that matters:

Your Comprehensive Data Consolidation Solution. Journey seamlessly integrates data from multiple partners into a unified view, providing invaluable insights and reporting across various domains including bookings, pipeline, training and certifications, rebates, MDF, and more.

Say farewell to fragmented data and embrace a sophisticated approach towards informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Consolidation of data from multiple sources to help manage your partnerships and removes inefficiencies providing better visibility of potential pipelines.

Partner Alliance Journey

The outcomes Journey delivers are:

Increased Profit

- Rebate claims​
- Investments​
- MDF Funding​
- Margin management​
- Discount alignment​
- Program alignment​

Optimised Partner Relationship

- Strategic decision making​
- Maximize time and effort​
- On time reporting​
Strategy alignment​

Operational ​ Efficiency​

- Single Data Source​
- On-prem / Cloud​
- Enhanced Data management​
- Automation​

Reduced ​ Wasteful ​ Expenditure​

- Training​
- Certification​
- Alignment of product ​to program​

Who We Have Done This For?

Optimized NTT’s Partner Management team by automating reporting and administrative functions as well as redeploying capacity in deal and partner facing activities. 

Current Market Challenges


Data is distributed across multiple organizations, making it difficult to get.

Once acquired, data flows are difficult to maintain.​

Ecosystem data is not perfectly visible, or perfectly shared.​


Limited because it’s built with a specific organization in mind.​

Core disciplines and outcomes like Master Data Management, Data Integration, Access Control and Data Analysis are difficult across infrastructures.​

Master data difficult to manage across internal, external and market pipelines.​


Specialist knowledge and tools needed to understand and guide the correct course of action.​

Different business function teams need to be taught and consistently worked with to create the right outcome.​

Market solutions favor the technology, not the outcome.​

Are you experiencing any of these challenges?

Why work with Tentpole Data Sciences?


Our services are consumed from South Africa to United Kingdom, and from San Francisco to Singapore.


We have a variety of different commercial models which allow you the ability to build, run, own or consume the services for your business.


Spanning Sales, Marketing, Finance,  Operations, Vendor Management and more.


Tentpole is an accredited BEE level 1 business.


Fully compliant with international  governance standards.


Proficient in a wide range of technologies and platforms allowing Tentpole to use what you already have incurring no additional investment.

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