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FSI Reporting teams face problems in three primary areas when gathering data from the external data sources like the Reserve Bank.

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Reporting and finance teams take more time sourcing data and validating the data than they do processing the data itself.  This results in slower response times, ineffective use of staff and poor productivity levels.

SARB consulting reports received are static and do not align to FSI internal reporting standards. As a result, users are unable to receive and interact with intelligent insights.

The BA series reporting data is stored separately in multiple departments with multiple users. This results in duplication of effort and multiple quality control queries throughout the bank.

No automated update of the data. This manual process relies on staff and effort and as a result can take significant time on a monthly basis.



A remote data gathering service of FSI published data sources (e.g. BA series) for publication and integration into the banking sectors reporting departments. The System is aligned with industry best practice and customized to report on areas most important to you.


Significant cost and time savings for your reporting department. This allows the internal banking teams to further analyze and interrogate market changes and to implement sustainable solutions for your business.

wholistic data approch

The bank will have access to current and historical data. This data is validated and then graphed according to the banks requirements and shared via an easy-to-use dashboard. Our solution can be enriched to include additional data sources.

The outcomes and benifits



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Automate data consolidation

Your reports will be communicated with you on the same working day* that the data is released.


Reduce Time and Effort

Focus your time on the investigations and spend less time and effort sourcing the data.


Simplified reporting

Improve and simplify your access to reporting with the predefined reports, custom reports and export functions.

who we do this for


Financial services (Banking) reporting departments for internal, external and market reporting purposes.

Financial services (Banking) business analysts, CFO, Credit Services, Commercial Services and other internal departments.

Fort Knox simplifies your reporting requirements through the automation of sourcing, transforming, validating and uploading of raw data into predefined dashboards.  The service transforms and accelerates your business to get to the answers your business needs.

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Data is a commodity, however, clean data is the competitive differentiator. This is why we help to improve the strength of our clients data.

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Our global client base and partners allows Tentpole to enhance your data with local and international benchmarks. 

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Working with best of breed technologies which aligns to best practice, risk reduction and rapid response.

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Incremental business value ensuring that business accelerates faster in all areas of engagement.