Partner Alliances Citadel

Provides market and competitive insights in order to identify new opportunities and drive revenue with your Partners.

How Tentpole Data Sciences provides key insights into prospects, markets and industries.

Tentpole Data Sciences provides market and competitive insights to help identify new opportunities and drive revenue with Partners. Our services give our clients a deep understanding of the market landscape and guides them on where to focus their efforts, including identifying potential targets. This information is available through various mediums such as presentations, dashboards, or APIs.

Tentpole Data Sciences offers monthly updates to ensure our clients have the latest information and weekly newsletters to keep them up to date with industry trends. Our services seamlessly integrate with other data sources, providing a comprehensive view for informed decision-making.

Say farewell to fragmented data and embrace a sophisticated approach towards informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Gives you an understanding of the market and where to focus your efforts.
Where to hunt, who to go after.

Partner Alliance Citadel

The outcomes Citadel delivers are:


Provide key insights into Prospects, Markets and Industries by a variety of user specified metrics. Enable teams with information on technology areas, share prices, changes in budgets, prospect revenue, spending benchmarks and more.​​


Higher quality leads, and improved insights into Prospects, existing Customers and Competitors across multiple regions, countries, industries, technology and service areas. Provide leads to designated teams on an ongoing basis through integrated, automated workflows.​​


All leads, and market information is integrated with CRM’s, ERP’s and automated workflows to allow teams to track and attribute each lead.​​

Who We Have Done This For?

Identified Targeted Opportunities Worth More Than $7B In Market for PANW

Current Market Challenges

Market and competitive data doesn’t align to the GTM motion, so the data gets bought once, used in a presentation, and never used again.​

Manual process to sort out data sources (e.g. Zoom Info), but do not know how to clean the data, pull insights out of the data and integrate with GTM or Fulfilment motions.

Don’t have sight of what competitors are doing in the Market and cannot see key events and trends that could generate new opportunities for them.

No actionable insights in order to identify new opportunities to drive revenue with partners. ​

Are you experiencing any of these challenges?

Why work with Tentpole Data Sciences?


Our services are consumed from South Africa to United Kingdom, and from San Francisco to Singapore.


We have a variety of different commercial models which allow you the ability to build, run, own or consume the services for your business.


Spanning Sales, Marketing, Finance,  Operations, Vendor Management and more.


Tentpole is an accredited BEE level 1 business.


Fully compliant with international  governance standards.


Proficient in a wide range of technologies and platforms allowing Tentpole to use what you already have incurring no additional investment.

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