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Explore the benefits of AI, Fort Knox, and our Commerical Model.


Tentpole Data Sciences for FSI

Streamline financial management with our solution, automating the transfer of financial details from external systems to management view for swift decision-making. 

Commercial Model

Revolutionize your business's commercial model with our automated dashboards, designed for discovery and evolution. Our scalable solution caters to various service offerings and client operations, empowering growth and adaptability.​

Automating your reporting with AI

AI-powered functionality that revolutionizes financial reporting. With the integration of AI, generating financial reports is now a breeze, taking just 3 minutes. Plus, delve deeper into your data with our built-in chat functionality, enabling seamless interrogation and analysis.​

the value

fort knox's solution

Simplified Industry Data, Real time Automation, Dynamic Data Interrogation​


A remote data gathering service of the SARB published data sources (BA series) for publication and integration into the banking sectors reporting departments. The System is aligned with industry best proactive and customised to report on areas most important to you. ​
Can integrate with additional data sources.​


Significant cost and time savings for the reporting department. This allows the internal banking teams to further analyse and interrogate market changes and to implement sustainable solutions within the bank. ​ ​ Turnaround time on business is improved by up to 85% and improved efficiency of the staff by 23% during the reporting period.​

Wholistic Data Approach​

Through Fort Knox, the bank will have access to current and historical data. This data is graphed according to the banks requirements and shared via an easy-to-use dashboard. Our automated process can further be enriched with the inclusion of any other data source requested or made available to Tentpole Data Sciences.​

Simplify your relationship with fort knox

Fort Knox provides companies with the ability to simply extract, interact and interrogate your own data relative to the SA Reserve Bank industry reports on a monthly basis.

  • Interactive Dashboard​

    Simply sign onto your account to enjoy a number of dashboards, which have been predefined with the bank in order to start your reporting today.​

  • Automate data reporting process​

    Our data repository validates and consolidates SARB reports into a single interface. We will let you know via email within 12 hours of the report being released by SARB.​

  • Reduce Time and Effort​

    Reduced time spent sourcing and manually extracting the data and the amount of effort completing monthly remedial tasks.

  • Simplify your reports​

    Increase control, stability and views through using one single consolidated location for all your BA series reporting metrics, enriched with your own company data.​

commercial model automation

Revolutionize your business's commercial model with our automated dashboards, designed for discovery and evolution. Our scalable solution caters to various service offerings and client operations, empowering growth and adaptability. Consulting and implementation for:

automate your reporting with ai

Introducing the latest advancement in financial management: Fort Knox's brand-new functionality powered by AI. With the integration of AI, you can now effortlessly generate your financial reports in just 3 minutes. Dive deeper into your data with the added benefit of built-in chat functionality, enabling seamless interrogation and analysis. Experience unparalleled efficiency and insights with Fort Knox's cutting-edge technology.

  • Instant Financial Reports

    Generate your financial reports in just 3 minutes, saving valuable time and effort.

  • AI-Powered Efficiency

    Harness the power of AI with our included AI for automated report generation, ensuring accuracy and speed.

  • Enhanced Data Analysis

    Utilize built-in chat functionality to interrogate your data further, gaining deeper insights and facilitating informed decision-making.

  • Streamlined Operations

    Fort Knox's new functionality simplifies financial reporting processes, allowing you to focus on strategic tasks and business growth.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

    Stay ahead of the curve with innovative AI-driven features, ensuring your financial management practices are at the forefront of technology.

Why work with Tentpole Data Sciences?


Our services are consumed from South Africa to United Kingdom, and from San Francisco to Singapore.


We have a variety of different commercial models which allow you the ability to build, run, own or consume the services for your business.


Spanning Sales, Marketing, Finance,  Operations, Vendor Management and more.


Tentpole is an accredited BEE level 1 business.


Fully compliant with international  governance standards.


Proficient in a wide range of technologies and platforms allowing Tentpole to use what you already have incurring no additional investment.

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