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We design, build and support solutions that leverage the power of data to enable companies to achieve meaningful results through insightful decisions. Let’s see how we could help you.
Think Bigger with our Services
Tentpole Data Sciences helps companies move towards meaningful results, through insightful decisions.

Decrease sales cycles, improve renewal rates and identify new opportunities with data tailored to your sales team.

Identify opportunities and keep track of key trends across the segments, geographies and solutions that matter to you and your business.

Give your channel partners and managers access to the data and tools they need to drive meaningful results at scale

Using AI and smart technology, our intelligent bots are here to assist you with accomplishing tasks that are imperative to the success of your business.

Simplify end-to-end processes and eliminate waste through a process and communications automation platform tailored to suit your business’ needs.

Get expert help to get the job done with professional consultants adept in building and deploying data driven solutions.

Our Clients Achieve Meaningful Results
Great companies trust us to help them leverage the power of data to drive meaningful results.
$ 1 B
Identified Opportunities Worth More Than $10B In Existing Base​
1 %
Reduced Process Related Risk by more than 23%​
1 %
Reduced Operational Overheads by 25%​
1 %
Improved Internal Compliance by 30%​
1 %
Reduced Bad Debts by more than 17%​
$ 1 B
Identified Targeted Opportunities Worth More Than $7B In Market​
Tentpole Data Sciences has been instrumental in helping us leverage our data to gain deeper insights into our sales pipeline, forecasting and closure rates and enabling our business to more effectively manage the sales team and predict closure rates.

– Imraan Sallie, Regional Director

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