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I just want to say it again, we love the work that Tentpole does. They’re a huge help to our team and I want to keep working with them on everything we’re doing.

Merchants is a leading BPO solutions provider, specialising in customer experience and customer interactions.

Client Overview

Merchants is a leading customer management partner specialising in business process outsourcing (BPO) that delivers customer experience and customer interactions. They believe that people matter, so they focus on using the right technology to create the right experience for people.

They have been creating and managing contact centre operations around the world to blue chip clients since 1981. Their services and solutions are built on tried and trusted models, systems and processes that are based on best practice standards in the contact centre industry.

They are passionate about people. Their ability to attract the best talent, coupled with their rich history of success and innovation across different industries around the world, is what differentiates them from other competitors.

Merchants raised the current problems

Tentpole Data Sciences consulting provided:

Results achieved with Tentpole Data Sciences Solution

The Technical Solution

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